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Resources & Moving Day Guidelines

We’ve moved people for years – here are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way

Organization, preparation, and proper packing are vital to a safe and smooth move. Being prepared on your move day will save you time and money, and make the transition process much easier. There are many wonderful sites on the internet that help you with tips and hacks for moving day. We have scoured the internet to find these that we think you might find helpful.

Government Sites

Missouri Department of Transportation:

Tips and tricks for a safe moving day.

Federal Motor Carriers:


YouTube Videos :

Moving Packing Tips Video List

Packing Dishes Tips:

Packing Fragile Valuables:

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Offsite Links for Moving Tips and Ideas:

The Debt-Free Move

Moving tips from The Simple Dollar

Moving Hacks and Tips:

Top 50 moving hacks of all time

33 Moving Tips

Tips that will make your life so much easier

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Moving tips and printable checklist

Packing Framed Pictures:

How to pack mirrors, pictures, and glass tops

Our Moving Tips & Guidelines

Through our own experience we have come up with some guidelines for your moving day preparation:

  • Pack all of your items into boxes or totes with closed lids (we do not move open top boxes).
  • Gather any extra loose items, that can’t be boxed, together in one area. Awkward items like umbrellas and ironing boards would fit this description. Try to keep these items together in a separate corner.
  • Disconnect all electronics and box properly. We do not move unboxed electronics. TV’s can remain unboxed, but having them boxed always helps.
  • By law there are certain items movers can’t take. Be aware of this to avoid issues on the move day. Examples include: ammunition, flammables, some household products that are flammable, living things such as plants and pets, etc.
  • Prepare your furniture by disassembling and emptying drawers. This can also include prepping appliances by unplugging/unhooking i.e. refrigerators and washers/dryers.
  • Remove all valuables and keep in a safe place. Currencies, jewelry, guns, medications, collectibles and other small valuable items should be packed separately. We would encourage the customer to move any items that fit this description. If that is not possible use a clearly marked box to pack these items with double taping to be sure the boxes are not tampered with. Make sure you locate and inspect these boxes when they are delivered. If there appears to be an issue, report it immediately to an office representative.

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